5 Hot Jobs For Creative Thinkers

As businesses struggle to find competitive advantages and transform themselves into digital businesses, creative thinking is a core asset for any professional. A true creative thinker is someone who can approach problems from a unique perspective and can provide unorthodox solutions that fulfill a real business need.

Right now, the hottest jobs demand that you be a multidimensional talent, combining your unique set of skills and creative thinking. So, what are some of these in-demand dynamic jobs? Here are our top 5:


1. Data Analyst / Scientist



In the past, the Data Analyst has been the antithesis to creativity. 😵 However, as businesses struggle to cope with “Big Data” employers are seeking experienced data professionals who can look at their data with a creative mind to unlock unseen value. 🤑

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2. Product Manager


In our modern digital-age, product developers need to be creative in how they use technology to solve consumer and business problems. As a role with many stakeholders, a Product Manager also has to use both their creative and technical skill set to garner insights from users, gather requirements from their development team and of course layan their superiors. 😝

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3. Front End Designer


As digital and mobile interfaces become the de facto interface for us, employers are looking for designers who can code – in other words, Front End Designers. This hybrid role requires a creative thinker, who can plan out the user experience, design it and bring it to life.

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4. Solution Architect



A solution architect is responsible for translating technical garbledigoop into functional requirements that are understandable to non-techies – typically using charts and pictures! More than a glorified .ppt pro, a solution architect is a vital member for any business serious about completing their digital transformation journey. Creative thinking is an essential tool for this role as they help a company successfully transition from old to new, more effective technologies.

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5. Social Media Lead / Content Strategist


Lastly, social media may be mainstream but that’s only increased the demand for social media monsters! Employers are seeking smart creative thinkers who can not only plan out what social channels are best for their brand, but who can also create the content itself. As the role has evolved, an understanding of search engine optimisation, an ability to write compelling content and a sharp eye for the perfect Instagram or Snap are all key assets. 👻

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