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The Magic In Diversity

For the last 10 years, I’ve hired hundreds of people in 5 cities. I’ve always been attracted to those who have a passion outside the office.

I hired a champion sailor who turned out to be a champion suit, an MC who was amazing at writing, two DJs – one drums up business and another thinks, a fish breeder who travels the world managing a large account, a photographer who is one of the best coders I’ve met, a baker who was a creative genius, a car tinkerer who lays down the law with senior clients and a chef who now manages a team of strategists across Asia.

Now, as a recruiter for some of Malaysia & Singapore’s top agencies and brands, I continue to look for that magic in the people we meet. It’s easy to get tunnel vision, both as an employer and as a talent – focusing on the specific skills required for the task. But skills can be acquired, taught and passed on. But that magic when a team’s diverse passions boil over and create something truly original cannot be taught.

In an ideas driven world, diversity is your secret weapon.


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