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Finding Purpose

People are driven to succeed when they have purpose. For me, purpose has been a compass and an engine moving me forward.

In a job, it starts by believing in the company’s reason for being. Then, it’s important to find purpose in the role you play. I’ve had some great bosses, and these are the three consistent actions that gave me purpose.

Engagement. By finding out what I liked doing, and giving me the opportunity to pursue what I liked at least 80% of the time ensured I came to work engaged.
Involvement. By sharing the bigger picture and giving me a role to play gave me a sense of involvement that went beyond my job scope.
Empowerment. By giving me the authority to make decisions within my remit, backing my decisions and letting me learn through my mistakes made me an empowered leader.
When you have purpose, it’s easier to bounce back, radiate and walk into a room with confidence. What gives you purpose?


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