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Challenger Culture

The attraction of being a challenger. The little guy in a fight. The awkward one in a race. The one with the most determination to win. To beat the big guy, the popular guy, the one with all the moves. To rub the win in their faces. Oh yeah! What an awesome feeling.

When you believe you are the challenger in a fight, you suddenly have so much to prove. You’ll train twice as hard and run twice as far.

A challenger culture brings people together, motivates and inspires them and gets them to think about how to win. This in turn makes them more agile and innovative. It will make them stay in the ring the longest and throw the last punch.

When you start or turnaround a business, you’re automatically a challenger in a crowded marketplace full of the established, the great, and the award winners. All the ones you dream about beating. But being a challenger is a mindset and not about the size of the company. You never need to stop wanting to win.

If you want to build a challenger culture, you have to look for that fire, that fight in prospective candidates eyes. Look for it in their personal lives, find it in their passions. Be open and accept that not everyone wants to be a “challenger”. But you are, and that’s what matters.


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